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Kathy Collins

Featured Piece
Kathy  Collins 4

Northwest Morning
$ 595.00

Kathy  Collins Largely Overlooked
Largely Overlooked
$ 295
Kathy  Collins Light in Spring
Light in Spring
$ 495
Kathy  Collins Quantum Switches
Quantum Switches
$ 495

Kathy  Collins

Kathy Collins

Kathy Collins Biography

Kathy Collins grew up in the Pacific Northwest and expresses her appreciation of the area’s natural beauty through her impressionistic watercolors. She uses a rapid process technique for dramatic high contrast paintings, charging in color and mixing flowing wet paint right on the paper to achieve intense dark values while preserving white spaces.
Kathy’s award-winning paintings have been featured in Watercolor Artist Magazine, American Artist, The Artist’s Magazine, the Splash-Best of Watercolor series, and “100 Artists of the Northwest.”
Originally trained as a physician, Kathy is now an enthusiastic painter, a Signature Member of the Northwest and Montana Watercolor Societies and Women Painters of Washington, and watercolor instructor at Tsuga Fine Art.

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