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Steve Cox 2019 Exhibition

Poking the Bear

18 x 24 in


Acrylic on gessoboard
Open-edition signed prints available: $110.00 plus $10.00 shipping. Prints size: 16x20" on 18x24" paper.

  This pair of Convair F-102A Delta Daggers have just given a Russian Tu-95 Bear a gentle nudge to send it out of Icelandic airspace. These "Deuces" were part of Air Defense Command's 57th FIS, based at Naval Station Keflavik, Iceland. The artwork on the left fuel tank gives a humorous touch to an important cold-war mission. The F-102s would not wear their early 1960s Silver lacquer paint jobs for long, and would soon adopt the more standard gloss-gray scheme. The "Black Knights" flew the type until 1973, and was the last regular USAF squadron to operate the type.

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Poking the Bear - Steve Cox  2019 Exhibition