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Beverly Fotheringham



Beverly Fotheringham is a prolific artist in all forms of water media; watercolor acrylic, mixed water media and miniatures. Beverly earned her initial reputation in the Pacific Northwest, where she became widely recognized for her unique style of watercolor and mixed water-media painting. Beverly has evolved a highly personal style that reflects her deep interest in and understanding of the techniques and formal structure of classical painting. The discipline of golden-section geometry and her years of formal artistic training show through her work as a confident competency that is often startling to those who encounter her work for the first time.



Beverly is a student of light and the way light enhances our visual experience. Her works have investigated the luminous effects of backlit florals and nature scenes that glow warmly across a rich pallet of color. She has also turned her creative insight onto the myriad effects inherent in reflections on water and other reflective surfaces.

Beverly works from a core interest in representational images, but often treats realism with a unique perspective that crosses the boundary between realism and abstraction.


“The creative act is not hanging on, but yielding to a new creative movement.
Awe is what moves us forward.”
~Joseph Campbell

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June 28 - September 12, 2015
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