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Our studio has the benefit of a broad range of experienced instructors, small class sizes, and the inspiration of the gallery.

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Classes Artists Markers Designing and Coloring With Michelle Kochon
Artist's Markers: Designing & Coloring With Michelle Kochon
Saturday, April 13, 1–4pm
Artists' Markers  
Classes Introduction to Drawing_ with Stacey Almgren
Introduction to Drawing, with Stacey Almgren
10:00am-12:00pm, March 18–April 8
Classes Kids_ Classes_ Elements of Art
Kids' Classes: Elements of Art
Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Classes Mandala Workshops With Shabeena Helsley
Mandala Workshops With Shabeena Helsley
Sundays, 1pm–5pm: April 28, May 5, June 2 & October 6
Classes Stylized Portraits in Watercolor_ with Molly Murrah
Stylized Portraits in Watercolor, with Molly Murrah
Two Classes: Tuesdays or Fridays, 10:30am–1pm, March 22–April 26



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