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Pop-Up Show With Tara Larsen Chang & her Cloud 9 Art Class: Visual Storytelling – The Art of Narrative Painting

Meet & Greet the Artists: Saturday, June 29, 4pm–7pm

June 25 - July 20, 2019

Stone Circle by Tara Larsen Chang

Pop-Up Show: June 25–July 20, 2019

Meet & Greet the Artists: Saturday, June 29, 4pm–7pm

The artwork in this exhibit has been created by students of Tara Larsen Chang’s series of classes on the art of storytelling. These paintings are the culmination of five months of theory and practice, brush strokes and personal stories blended together in this show of narrative works. Each piece represents a specific memory, wish or relationship that the artist has crafted together, blending imagination, emotion and principles of design. Each student’s story unfolds before your eyes, inviting you to enter visions that are tender, exhilarating, or emotionally resonate – and deeply meaningful to the creator.

A unique aspect of this show: in addition to the featured art, the artists have included sketchbooks and working papers, illustrating the steps involved in creating each piece and offering viewers a rare glimpse into each artist's process.

Tara teaches at Cloud 9 Art School in Bothell, WA.

See more art and working papers here!

Image: Stone Circle, by Tara Larsen Chang