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Sam Hamrick

Featured Piece
Sam  Hamrick Uke Frog

Uke Frog
Woodblock Print

Sam  Hamrick Uke Frog
Uke Frog
Woodblock Print  
Sam  Hamrick Harp Frog
Harp Frog
Woodblock Print  
$ 40
Sam  Hamrick Kitty in the Parlor
Kitty in the Parlor
$ 75
Sam  Hamrick Little Owl
Little Owl
Woodblock Print  
Sam  Hamrick Merman
Woodblock Print  
$ 40
Sam  Hamrick The Artist
The Artist
Woodblock Print  
Sam  Hamrick Water Music
Water Music
Woodblock Print  
$ 60

Sam  Hamrick

Sam Hamrick

Sam Hamrick Biography

Sam Hamrick

Born in 1953, Atlanta, Georgia. First ten years spent south of the Mason Dixon line. From the age of ten through his high school years he lived abroad with his family in the Middle East, Canada and Africa. Moved to Alaska in 1975 where he married, worked a variety of jobs, went to school played in a Bluegrass band and did occasional illustration work for newspaper and television. Mr. Hamrick has had a life-long interest in art. He took up printmaking fifteen years ago in Alaska. Since moving to Seattle in 1985, he has concentrated mainly on Linocut printing. His work has been exhibited in a wide variety of venues.

Sam Hamrick Statement

My work is generally figurative, though I also work in an abstract vein. My figurative work is usually black and white, while more experimental work is usually in color. I am interested in landscape and the figure in landscape. Faces fascinate me. Humor has a place in much of my work.

From the begining of my interest in Linocut, my work has been small, though lately I've begun to work in larger formats, using the reductive method of color printing to create prints in five or six colors.

Working in a medium such as Linocut allows me to reproduce an imagein an edition large enough to allow me to sell an individual print at what I consider a reasonable price. This makes the artwork affordable to a large audience.

Sam Hamrick Resumé

Sam Hamrick


Associate Degree in Graphic Arts and Sciences, Tanana Valley Community College, Fairbanks, Alaska


Professional Experience

Workshops and Demonstrations
Sev Shoon Art Center, Seattle, WA
Dakota Art Store, Seattle, WA
Daniel Smith, Inc., Seattle,WA


Illustration Work
Eastside Week / The Weekly
The Stranger
Safeco, Inc.
Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County
The London Times
Anchorage Times
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Belltown Dispatch


Selected Exhibitions

2000 Alexis Hotel, Seattle,WA
2000 Shoreline Community College, Seattle, WA
1999 Jeffrey Moose Gallery
1999 Alexis Hotel, Seattle, WA
1998 Alexis Hotel, Seattle, WA
1998 Torrefazione, Seattle, WA
1998 Sev Shoon Arts Center Exhbition, Wa. State Convention Center, Seattle, WA
1997 Alexis Hotel, Seattle, WA
1997 Sev Shoon Arts Center, Seattle, WA
1997 Uncommon Groud Cafe, Seattle, WA
1997 Torrefazione Italia, Seattle, WA
1996 Sev Shoon Arts Center, Seattle, WA
1995 Kent Canturbury Faire, Kent, WA
1995 Triangle Tavern, Seattle, WA
1995 University Street Fair, Seattle, WA
1995 Queen Anne Cafe, Seattle, WA
1994 University Street Fair
1994 Fremont Fair, Seattle, WA
1994 Chantrelle's, Edmonds, WA
1993 Panko's, Seattle, WA
1993 Torrefazione Italia
1992-97 Frank and Dunya's, Seattle, WA
1992-97 Bizango, Seatlle, WA
1992 Coyote Coffee, Kirkland, WA
1991-97 Melange Gallery, Seattle, WA
1991 Torrefazione Italia

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